What is a block out label and what is it used for?

Block out labels are applied over printed information to prevent it from being read. Their role is to hide confidential information and to cover any mistakes made on a printed label. Additionally, they represent an ideal solution for reusing old boxes, envelopes, files, and folders. They are also tamper-evident.

Our block out matt white labels consist of a paper face sheet and an impenetrable grey backing. The grey backing perfectly covers outdated information and old dispatch labels. After affixing, when removed, the white paper will delaminate, leaving the grey backing, which will still cover the underlying information.

We can print your block out labels on a range of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors, and we can advise you regarding anything related to your desired block out label. Don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our label experts to discuss the best solution that will suit your needs and requirements.

Typical applications:

  • Documents(financial data, PIN numbers, etc.
  • Prescription bottles(medical information)
  • Existing barcode labels
  • Revised instruction labels
  • Revised product labels
  • Branded labels for blind market research trials

We give you the option to fully customize your block out labels with the desired imprinted text or graphics. Moreover, adding consecutive serial numbers is another available option for you.

With 400 cutters available in-house, we can manufacture your block out label in a range of sizes up to 330mm wide and over 300mm long.

Additionally, with our digital press, we can cut it in any shape desired.

Using our Jetrion 4900 UV inkjet means we can manufacture your block out labels in a full range of colors without any additional plate charges.

Changing label designs between print runs is another opportunity that you can get the advantage of from collaborating with us. Therefore, you can do special labels or change products with ease and with no additional costs.

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