What is a barcode label?

A barcode is a series of coded lines that help identify a product. These strings of characters can store all types of information which is just once encrypted in a barcode symbology. Barcodes are an efficient asset for any type of business. Their integration in a business process makes the information transfer from a scanner to a computer a fast process. Also, they are a great addition that helps manufacturers and retailers to quickly communicate product information between each other and internal departments.

The use of barcode labels throughout the supply chain:

Barcodes are used to label, track, trace and sell goods as they move through the supply chain. They are an efficient tool for tracking the products and reducing errors. Additionally, barcode labels improve the standard business processes from the factory level of the supply chain to the sales floor stage. These properties make them a great asset for any type of business. Manufacturing, government, healthcare, retail&wholesale, transportation&logistics are common business processes where these strings of character are widely used for increasing efficiency.

As leading UK label manufacturers https://www.pid-labelling.co.uk/, we can supply you with high-quality bespoke labels and variable data labels, including barcodes. Also, we can provide you with numbered and barcoded labels which are available in a wide range of formats.

Our capabilities:

  • With our color flexographic printing press, we can assure you with a large volume barcode labels.
  • In case you need a small run of barcode labels or variable data, we can do it as well by using our thermal printing technology.
  • We can also manufacture medium runs up to 5000 linear meters of variable data labels.

Although we are producing a wide variety of barcodes, supply chain management and point of sale systems are the main fields that we are supplying. It makes the business process integration simpler and more efficient. To give you a better understanding of the types of labels that we are manufacturing for these two fields, have a look at the template below: 

There are many types of barcodes, and each of them has specific features and properties that make them perfectly suitable for specific fields. Check out our informative guide about their classification, specific properties, and characteristics, as well as about their use in industry. It will help you avoid a barcode dilemma caused by the vast number of barcode types.

If you are still not entirely sure which barcode labels are necessary for your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss with our skilled label experts. We are always available to offer you a piece of practical advice on anything barcode related.  

Barcode labels-materials, adhesives and print

  • We have a wide range of material options for manufacturing your barcode labels and variable data labels, such as paper, semi-gloss paper, or plastics such as polypropylene.
  • They are available on different adhesives, such as removable, permanent, freezer or high-tack.
  • The most common barcode labels and variable data labels are black and white. But a range of other color palettes is available and fully adjustable depending on your needs and preferences.
  • Based on your requirements, barcode symbols can be incorporated or excluded from variable data labels.
  • We have also available a wide variety of symbologies that we can use for producing your barcode labels and variable data labels.
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