What are asset security labels and why do you need them?

Asset security labels can take control of your companies vital equipment by marking them with your company logo, a consecutive barcode, and a corresponding consecutive number. Certainly, the fundamental requirement of any organization or company is to secure their assets. Therefore, the first right step is to asset label everything of value. Many companies tend to apply to their product labels that are both an asset and a security label. Asset security labels are tamper-evident and cannot be removed intact. Consequently, this specific feature prevents assets from being substituted.

Our asset security labels are one of the most inquired labels. This is because they allow our costumers to log vital information about their equipment on their digital databases, tailoring it to include maintenance information, last logged location and the owner.

With our experienced team and professional equipment, we can adapt to any of your requirements and preference, while producing your asset labels at the highest standards and competitive prices. For more information, don’t hesitate to speak to any of our label experts to find which is the most suitable solution for your needs.

Our equipment and capabilities:

Our asset security labels and tags come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and functionalities, depending on your needs and requirements. Moreover, this type of security label can be tailored to your specific preferences by adding your logo and design or simply your company name.

Our Jetrion 4900 digital printing press can manufacture your Asset Security Labels in full color and any shape and size you require. The benefit of it is that there are no delays in tooling, moreover, there is no restriction on label lengths or gaps. Using a digital press means that any change in artwork can be made easily on the computer before it goes to the printing process.

For high-volume work, flexographic printing is certainly the most cost-effective method. Additionally, our 8 color MPS is suitable for a wide range of UV based ink labels, offering striking color and vibrancy.

The materials we use to manufacture your asset security labels:

We can manufacture your labels on a range of plastic, or paper-based materials. Commonly, we are using polyester and polypropylene materials to produce asset security labels for our costumers.

Polyester asset labels:

A specific feature that makes polyester asset labels largely used in the market is that they provide excellent durability. That is to say, they can withstand a wide variety of environments. Also, the polyester material has an exceptional multi-purpose permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. As a result, it secures a permanent attachment and extended service life. Polyester labels are available virtually any size or shape and any color or combination of colors. Read our guide about Asset Label Materials type to get a better understanding of what kind of material will better suit your needs. In case you require a different type of material that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Polyester asset label features:

  • It will stick powerfully to most surfaces. Some of them, for instance, are high surface energy, and low surface energy materials, plastics, powder coatings, and slightly oily metal material.
  • High-temperature resistance, up to 150ºC short term, and down to -40ºC.
  • For ultimate durability, the asset labels are covered with a clear lamination to protect the printed image.
  • Barcoded with any symbology or traditional human-readable number sequence only.
  • It comes in a wide selection of colors.
  • With your company logo if desired.
  • Durable 0.002″ polyester material easily conforms to uneven or radius surfaces.

Typical applications:

  • Asset tracking
  • Office equipment
  • Returnable containers
  • IT assets
  • Computers
  • Tablets

Polypropylene asset labels:

This type of label consists of a polypropylene substrate that is easy to stick to a wide range of surfaces. Consequently, this material makes the labels durable, tear-proof and moisture resistant.

Polypropylene asset labels features:

  • Safe to use in temperatures of between -10ºC to 80ºC
  • Applies both indoors and outdoors
  • Fourteen colors to choose from, with Pantone colors available on request
  • Choose from over 30 sizes

Benefits of applying asset security labels:

  • High-spec adhesives for long-term asset labeling
  • Secure sticking to all smooth, curved and textured surfaces
  • Tamper-evident adhesive available to indicate any attempt of removal
  • Professional label appearance

Certainly, choosing to apply our asset security labels on your products is a smart step towards increased security, asset protection, and appliance maintenance. If you still require more information about our products and services, or if you feel you need more guidance regarding what specifically will suit your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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