Platinum or white semi-gloss finished polyester Mylar is one of our most durable and popular material used for fixed asset tags. It comes in two sizes: 47mm x 19 mm and 25 mm x 12.5 mm. The PolyAsset labels are printable in blue, red and black colors.


PolyVoid is a 3M white tamper-evident polyester label that leaves a void message on label and surface in case someone tries to lift it. This type of label can also be used as a barcode label on which you can even write. It comes only in one size 47mm x 19 mm and is printable only on black and white.


PolyBreak labels consist of white semi-gloss polyester destructible material that has a very aggressive adhesive(solvent-based). Due to strong adhesive properties, this type of label adheres to everything and easily breaks up at any removal attempt. This material rates as waterproof on outdoor surfaces but anyway has a lower outdoor life expectancy due to its nonabrasive nature material. It comes in two sizes:21mm x 47mm and 12.5mm x 25mm. Blue, red, and black color palette can is printable on this material.


PolyCheck asset labels are made of polyester and have a mirror-finished chrome security seal with a permanent acrylic adhesive applied, so in case of an attempt, it leaves a checkerboard pattern behind and on the surface of the tamper-evident label even if the label is stick back exactly where it was. This type of material may not be suitable for low-grade plastics, but it is perfectly applicable on bare metal, painted metal or other clean smooth surfaces on which they will last for years. PolyCheck can not have a barcode on them. This is due to the high-reflective surface of the material. Blue, red and black colors can be printed on this material.