As one of the UK’s leading label supplier, we can provide our customers with anything they require for their security labels. We pride ourselves on our in-graphic design team, professional equipment, label experts, and a full range of high-quality materials, adhesives and inks.

Our in-house studio is capable to accomplish your artwork from scratch up until the press-ready production. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and requirements, and we will make sure to find the most suitable solution for your project.

Features included in a custom printed security label:

Our printed security labels come in a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes. Moreover, all these features can be personalized with any information or images required. In addition, the consecutive serial number can be customized as well.

We can also provide your security label with your custom self-voiding feature. This includes your chosen text and logo in the release pattern. After application, when these security labels are removed, they will leave a custom release message. The message remains visible both on the surface and on the label material. As a result, that will indicate tampering.

Our material options:

Collaborating with us, you get the option to choose the desired color, shape and size for your security label. Additionally, the adhesives and materials are also the one of your choice.

All of our custom-printed security labels are available in paper, synthetic and vinyl type materials. The adhesives are available in a range of strengths: removable, permanent, freezer grade(works at low temperatures) and hi-tack adhesives.

Our equipment capabilities:

Our range of printing equipment can supply small businesses and individuals who are looking for short and affordable printing runs for home or office use. Similarly, we can supply big companies that require large quantities of printed security labels.

We manufacture our security labels using UV inkjet printing technology and flexographic label printers. For small printing runs, digital UV inkjet technology is the best option such as it doesn’t require printing plates. Consequently, there are no additional plating tool charges. Moreover, it creates a vibrant color that is highly resistant to corrosion or discoloring. However, flexographic printing press is the perfect choice for larger runs of security labels. It can produce up to millions of prints. As an option, it can provide your labels with foiling, varnishing, and laminating prints.

For more information about any of our custom printed security labels, don’t hesitate to contact our label experts. They will be more than happy to provide you with any advice and assistance you need before making the order.

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