What are Anti-Counterfeit labels?

Anti-counterfeit labels are security labels that consist of micro text and a variety of photographic elements. For example, you can spot them on Passport, ID cards, and currency. Due to its multiple layers structure, they assure your product with warranty and protection. Consequently, that prevents your brand and company from fraud and replication.


Why do you need to protect your products with Anti-Counterfeit labels?

Living in the era of technologies, it has never been easier for counterfeiters to replicate or fraud a brand’s product or material. Certainly, they became a real threat to businesses all around the world. The consequences of their actions bring significant damage and financial loss to a company’s growth and development. The right solution for any company and business owner would be to apply anti-counterfeiting techniques and features to their product. Subsequently, that will reduce the risk of theft and tampering. Moreover, it will secure its product and brand with authenticity and reliability.

The techniques and features applied on Anti-Counterfeit labels:

There are three main types of techniques that our company is specializing on for anti-counterfeiting labels and packaging: overt, covert and semi-covert features. All of them together can create a strong and safe security solution. Due to its noticeable and hidden details, it is easy to remark if the product is fake or not. As a result, it makes the process very hard and even almost impossible to counterfeit or replicate a product. Above all, depending on the customer’s needs, we can adapt to the use of features that will adjust the client’s requirements. That is to say, here are the techniques and capabilities that we are applying to our anti-counterfeit labels to secure your products from fraud:


Micro text is one of the techniques that we are using to make a product authentic and hard to counterfeit. Due to the small sizes of text, symbols, and codes, it is very difficult to mimic its features without using professional and high-quality industrial machinery like printing-press and specialized printing-plates. Also, taking into consideration the fact that micro text is impossible to remark and distinguish, counterfeiters are unaware of its existence.


Taggants are a security material that consists of very thin aluminum particles. They are mainly used for the authentication of products and documents. In addition, taggants are a reliable solution, such as any counterfeiter can not spot them with the naked eye. Therefore, they can detect them only by using specially-engineered equipment or low-cost detectors for field testing.



Guilloches are highly complex and very fine, curved bands of lines. In industry, for instance, they are usually printed on banknotes, currency or certificates to protect against forged copies. Moreover, guilloches have a very intricate structure. It is very hard for counterfeiters to replicate it by using ordinary equipment like a color copier.


A  hologram is a three-dimensional image (3D). It is forming from the interference of light beams from a laser or other source of intense light. Holograms are an efficient way for anti-counterfeiting any product, such as they can incorporate various data forms and product tracking information.

Invisible inks:

Invisible ultra-violet ink is one of the most widely used inks for cheque printing and document protection. Under normal lighting conditions, the ink is invisible to the eye and can be revealed only under a black lamp or UV light source. It is relatively a cheap solution used for authentication of documents and is available in quite a large range of colors which start to glow once placed under a UV dull substrate. 

Why choosing our anti-counterfeit labels is a smart decision for your company's future:

  • easy to use
  • cost-efficient
  • effective protection from fraud and theft
  • available in a large range of widths and colors
  • self-customizable, based on your company logo and text
  • applicable on a wide range of surfaces: plastic, metal, paper, card, glass etc.

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