Tamper-evident labels and their use in industry:

Tamper-evident labels are a key solution that provides your products with additional security and authentication. It is an efficient, smart and quick method for protecting your products. Additionally, they are a great tool for authenticating your business goods. Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer care, and cosmetics are some of the industries that largely apply them to their products.

We have been manufacturing tamper-evident labels for over 20 years. We can print your labels on a range of materials, sizes, and colors. Moreover, we can do both low volumes and high volumes of tamper-evident labels depending on your needs. We can advise you on anything you may need. Make sure to speak with a label expert to discuss the most suitable solution that will meet your requirements.

Tamper Proof Label (Void):

Tamper-evident labels provide added security to your products. They ensure specific property labels are not removed and certification stickers are not falsely duplicated. Therefore, by applying them on your products you can easily remark if they have tampered or if someone has appropriated your asset. The way that they work is by leaving a “void” message on the surface of the asset and the back of the label in case someone attempts to remove it.

The advantage of tamper-evident labels is that they are applicable on any surface directly. For instance, on smooth surfaces like doors, cabinets, files, equipment and much more. Moreover, they are self-customizable, so they can suit any of your personal requirements. We can supply them for you on sheets or rolls and include custom printing or colors. Additionally, you can add a barcode and/or human-readable number to the label and use it as part of an asset tracking system.

Tamper-proof label features:

    • Nontransferable properties.
    • Leaves a void message both on the label and application surface.
    • Durable polyester materials that easily adapt to uneven or radius surfaces.
    • Strong and resistant for outdoor applications.
    • Offered in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
    • We can customize them specifically for your business by adding your company information, serialized numbering and barcoding.

Destructible labels:

A destructible label will apply easily on any product but will fragment in small pieces once someone tries to peel it. As a result, this feature makes removing the full label very difficult. This type of label is ideal for use as “Property of” stickers. Additionally, a barcode and/or human-readable number can be added on the label, so you can use it in the asset tracking system.

Destructible labels features:

  • Made of destructible material that tears apart if removal is attempted, preventing theft or unauthorized asset transfer.
  • Durable material that easily adapts to uneven or radius surface.
  • Offered in a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • It can be customized with your company information, serialized numbering, and even barcoding.

For more information about any of our custom printed security labels, don’t hesitate to contact our label experts. They will be more than happy to provide you with any advice and assistance you need before making the order.

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